Ulysse Mouton | In Due Season EP

            “If you want to be somebody, if you want to go somewhere, you better wake up and pay attention.”

            What better way to start off his debut EP than with inspirational anthem that translates into the entire theme of Ulysse’s five-song body of work?

            Personally, I love the transition from talking to his nephew to try to deter him from being a “gangster” as he says in the beginning of the song and to push him to be better than that.

            For some reason “Wake Up, Pay Attention” reminds me of Nas’ “I know I can” song. I think the main similarities reside in the kid being on the hook and relaying the message that the artist is trying to get out. I really like that he started off that way.

            The next song, “98 Bonneville”, shows off Ulysse’s versatility in my opinion. He spends the first few minutes of the song rapping, minutes later, he’s back to singing. I appreciate that it wasn’t any weak bars; he really had a nice verse.

            “Last night I fell in love in the Bonneville.” This obviously relates to him falling in love in a ’98 Pontiac, real old school. The song provides imagery and paints a vivid picture but is also a love song all at the same time.

            The next song, “What If”, may be my favorite personally. He spends the beginning of the song describing his imperfections, that we as humans all feel we have, but he personifies them and makes them into positives. He spends the song asking hypotheticals to his lover.

            “What if I told all your secrets? What if I lied to you? What if I called you out of your name? What would you say to me? Would you still leave?”

            The next song, “Miss Love Jones”, speaks to guys who have been friend zoned. It’s a song about him asking why did Miss Love Jones put him in the friend zone, because he really likes her and wants her to see how much he really cares for her. Who hasn’t been there?

            The final song, title “In Due Season”, features the EP’s only feature. I like the idea of the feature at the beginning, but it did catch me off guard. It definitely went with the agenda of the song and was soulful. The message of “In Due Season” just is simply saying that no matter how many times the world knocks you down, you have to get back up and understand that your time will come when it’s meant.

            In my personal opinion, I’m a fan of this EP. I really enjoyed the authenticity of it. I felt as if he was being true to himself and his own sound. He could’ve took the route of the new R&B sound of the auto tuned out singing, but he took the other route, and I respect he stayed true to that. If I had to rate this EP out of 10, I honestly give it an 8. I enjoyed it and I think it was a very good body of work. I’m anticipating a full tape now, but for now I think this will do just fine for me.

          You’ll be able to download the EP at some point in Feburary. I think this is a sleeper and people should definitely check it out.



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